First Day Arrival pt.2

So continuing on from my last post, after getting one hour of sleep my dad wakes my up, i struggle to get out of bed and go to school. We were unaware of the amount of FUCKING TRAFFIC THERE IS HERE. IT IS UNREAL. We were in Manama and the school was in Hamala It takes us an hour to get there. We get to the school half way into the first lesson, my first lesson happened to be computer science. A year eight, Ms. Knight walks me to m class, what I didn’t know is that the students are told a month before if a new student was coming. I walk in and everyone knows my name, I sit down beside a girl and sit there for the next half of class with nothing to do. After class we all walk to food tech,  as we walk I am bombarded with names with it would take me weeks to memorize. Food tech was a new subject for me, because in the US there are no food education classes (explains why we are all obese).

Break was one the most stressful moments of my life. Forty minutes to do whatever the hell you want, during break I was guided around by a couple girls (won’t mention their names but they were cool) and they introduced me to everyone else. Met almost everyone that day (still forgot almost everyones name and i was half asleep the whole time). The  three questions people asked me the most (as an American) was my name, nationality, and once they knew where i was from they asked if I was a trump supporter. Now I happen to be as liberal as they come so didn’t care really answering that question. There was only one other American at the school besides me (now theres two). He happened to be a homeschooled texan so the school expectation of American were pretty low.

I managed to get through the day half awake and go back to the hotel. My life would be like this for the next two weeks.

The Arrival……pt.1

So lets start from the beginning, the very beginning. My dad’s old friend offered him a job at Batelco, a network company based in Bahrain. My parents thought the experience of living abroud would be good for me and my brother. We waited several months thinking it would never really happen until that one faithful day when my parent told that we were leaving. Of course there are a lot of emotion going on at this time. Fear, Excitement.  This was around February and We began packing, my mom is staying in the US for another 2 yrs before she comes to Bahrain.

Then is was March 27 and we had our flight tickets, we got out of school early to get ready, wished our friends good-bye for good and off we were. But after all the stress building up we missed our flight and ended up going the next day at the same time ( i know all the suspense for that). Flight was 12hrs long to Qatar, shitty food, our seats were literally is the VERY MIDDLE of the plane and I can barely sleep well in plane when there is window to lean on. Flight was annoying, ended up staying up all night watch movies and eating ice cream (I got hungry in the middle of the night and asked for a snack 🙂 ). After getting to Qatar we had to just sit there for 4 hrs till our next flight which was like 5 mins literally.

We arrive in Bahrain and then we spent 2 hrs in customs (it was already midnight). They would let me go to the bathroom cause the only one was beyond the gate (smart people they are). We get to our hotel room at 3 (where we would spend the next week at before getting a house). Couldn’t sleep because of the time change.

All in all it was a hell of an experience just arriving here and lets just mention i was going to school they next day………….the hotel was an hour away from my school………..and I was fucking tired.

Until next time…….Jade out

*please note my grammar is shit soooooo don’t judge me thx


These potty mouth princesses are using bad words for a good cause. 

I loved this video as soon as I saw it, this was made a couple years ago and its amazing ;).

DISCLAMER: i did find out that the shirt and gear they are advertising in it is  NOT for charity so this is not me trying to advertise FYI.